Masterful Marketing recently came to me to put together an animation for one of their clients, Interbit Data, a provider of software solutions to the healthcare industry. They wanted an animation that would showcase the features of their new software product, NetSafe, a downtime recovery system for hospitals.

Click below to view the full, completed video.

The concept for the animation presented the benefits of NetSafe (immediate business continuance, constant patient data updates) versus the detriments of using traditional paper-based records, or of simply not implementing a system for data continuance in the event of large or small emergencies.


Animation Storyboards

Above are some production storyboards illustrating a scene in which a hospital ‘spins into’ a stack of paper records which soon blow away. The hospital is then shown again, and its architecture slides open to reveal the network connections between computers that exist in a modern, wired hospital with a back-up system in place.

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