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The Leading Mobile Ad Platform

3d motion graphics and kinetic typography articulate the benefits of mobile advertising on the Idle Screen.

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Cities and Towns of the Future

Recently completed design and animation work for the Water Alliance, a Massachusetts-based water conservation collective.

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Liberation is Near

IBUILDWORLDS produced a teaser video, ‘Liberation is Near,’ for a leading web content management provider’s new marketing campaign. Click to see the animation and how it was made.

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Where Good Ideas Come From

Monochromatic motion graphics explain how Hooks Book Events infuses innovative thinking into organizations through interactive book and author programs.

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Animation for Interbit Data’s NetSafe software, a downtime continuance solution for hospital networks

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The Drake Equation

An infographic animation explaining astronomer Frank Drake’s influential equation.

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Procedural City Generation

A generative script written in Python which grows a basic city layout block-by-block and includes streets, sidewalks, and buildings.

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Interactive Design

Interactive Java Applet built in Processing

Athlete Struggling with a Python

Animated illustration